Personal Trainers in Essex: Looking for an Essex based personal trainer

Personal Trainers in Essex: Looking for an Essex based personal trainer

I’m sure you can think of many reasons to get an Essex based personal trainer but in this article we will explore on of the most common reasons people give up on exercise.

Motivation can be a huge obstacle when you want to stay on track with your fitness. Its easy to quickly find yourself tiring of your work out routine when you first start an exercise program. Creating long term success and keeping a good perspective on your fitness can be achieved by making your ongoing routines appealing and interesting.

Just imagine for a moment that you put your favourite program on the TV. Now you are going to watch that very same episode every day for the rest of your life! If your like me you’ll be throwing that TV set out of window before no time at all. You will do what ever you can to not repeat that episode again, whether that be doing the washing up or something else your not keen to do!

Yet, many people starting on a fitness program feel compelled to follow the same routine, day after day after day, and consequently fall off the exercise wagon due to sheer boredom.

This is how a lot of people start their new exercise regime, they feel like they have to do the same exercise routine every day. It’s no wonder people give up out of absolute boredom!

Its exactly this reason that a personal trainer is a great idea. Not only will they provide new and interesting exercise routines but they will deliver them in a fun and motivating way.

A good personal trainer is an expert in creating a tailor made fitness program for you after analysing how best you exercise. They will gauge your fitness level and create a stimulating and inspiring program that is relevant and appropriate for you, keeping you motivated to work out.

Unfortunately, as is the way with most things in the world, not all personal trainers are working at the same level. They will differ because of the types of training they have undergone, the skills they have learnt throughout their life and the amount of education in general health etc. they have had.

There are important things you need to consider when you are looking for a personal trainer in the Essex or Chelmsford area.

Keep the following things in mind;

1. Qualifications

Just like anything that you are going to pay for, you can determine the level of quality through various types of certification associated with that product. A personal trainer is exactly the same and you should check the qualifications and verify that they are certified by a well regarded fitness association.

I would also suggest that you check your personal trainer has some sort of CPR qualification or in the very least some first aid qualifications.

2. Training and Education

An obvious thing to look for in an Essex based personal trainer is that the level of training and education, as far as physical fitness and health are concerned, that they have.

As previously stated, the right qualification is very important but any further education, especially health orientated education, is a definite plus and shows you how serious the trainer takes their work. This will give them a definite advantage over others you may be considering.

3. They know where the right attention is required

The personal trainer you choose should be able to give you their undivided attention during your session with them. This is how they can focus on the areas that require the most attention in your training and make any adjustments that are required in your technique to gain maximum effectiveness from your session.

4. They know how to keep track of your progress

Your choice of personal trainer should include the ability to be able track their clients progress in regards to their fitness.

As a result of this they will be able to create new training based on the results of what has gone before as well as target specific areas of fitness and health that need developing.

5. Friendly and supportive personality

A really important thing you need to be on the look out for in your personal trainer is their personality. You have to be able to get on with them and feel comfortable with them as you are going to spend a lot of time with them as you increase your fitness and general health. You should only hire somebody that you get along with and can spend time with.

At the end of the day a personal trainer is a great way to lose that belly fat or target those muscles you want to improve. They can keep your motivation high and show you the progress you are making from all your efforts. A good Essex based personal trainer is an ideal solution to the new regime blues.

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