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Any Essex based personal trainer will tell you that exercise is one of life essentials. I am sure your nodding your head at this. Not only is exercise absolutely perfect for losing weight but it is great for keeping your body weight at a reasonable level, boosting your metabolic rate and burning away those unwanted extra calories. As well as this exercise also helps the heart and lungs maintain themselves as an efficient and optimum machine.

Not only this, exercise is also great for strengthening your bones, keeps you looking and feeling good. It gives you the stamina to keep pace with your lifestyle and keep up with all the things you want to do. Sadly not everybody chooses to do what is good for them. They find it difficult to decide whether to press the snooze button again or get up and do some exercise.

I’m going to give you some great tips in achieving and maintaining your ideal body weight through exercise. This is great for everybody but especially for women as your bodies go through many changes throughout your lives and are more susceptible to osteoporosis. Not only this but women are put under huge pressure to be beautiful and keep this beauty throughout their lives. Incorporate 1 or 2 of these tips into your routines and turn yourself in to a fitness babe!

Don’t worry if you think that exercise alone is not enough. The most important thing is to keeo the fitness commitments that you make for yourself. In an ideal world you will exercise between 3 to 5 times a week for any where between 20 to 60 minutes. Unfortunately the day to day grind of the real world prevent us from being able to do this. Start of by setting yourself realistic goals. Do not try and achieve the impossible as this will not only not be achieved but will also demoralise you when you don’t achieve this. Achieving the minimum of your goals will give you a mental boost taking you in the right direction.

  1. Rather than reproaching yourself for not achieving your goals, focus on what you can do and start acting in a way that helps you get there. Start from this point and start that gradual move forwards. This will let you fell the emotion of success and help you keep your commitments to yourself.
  2. Think about doing your weights training first. A lot of woman start with their cardio routine before doing any weight exercise at all. This can often result ion a key part of your overall routine being missed and all your focus being on your cardio routine. This will result in you spending hours in the gym but not really noticing any results or more specifically the results you are actually after. You can avoid this by changing the order you do things and make your weights routine the first thing you do. This not only speeds up your results but will also ensure you achieve an outcome that will be visible in the mirror!
  3. Find a way to monitor your heart rate. The recommendation for your exercise routine is to achieve a heart rate of between 75% and 85 % of your maximum rate. It is quite common for people to stick around the 50% of maximum heart rate. Think about purchasing a heart rate monitor so you can make sure that you work out at your optimum rate.
  4. Making sure your work out routine is less than an hour is another great tip. This can not only reduce the dread of the gym but allows you to focus on the specific aim you are trying to achieve making your session more efficient and much more fun.
  5. Create a social support for your fitness. Having the back up of a social network supporting you is a great element of your training regime. Have a look at the classes that are being run by your local Essex based personal trainer as these would be a great way to supplement your exercise routine while getting to meet like minded people. These people will also have something in common with you, your personal trainer.
  6. Have a positive internal dialogue. Take the pressure of yourself. When you find yourself putting yourself down for something you think you haven’t achieved, how about noticing the things you have achieved. Congratulate yourself for them, even if it is just getting out of bed to actually do your exercise routine!

Take some or all of these tips on board as you engage with your Essex based personal trainer creating that body and fitness level goal you have set for yourself.

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